“At a time when our rural community struggles to fund music and art in our local school, it is even more important to bring dynamic performing arts to our community. MPAC makes it possible for the Electric Peak Arts Council to partner with our school to actively engage student creativity in the arts. Inspirational outreach programs (from) Supaman, Pearl Django, Maracujá, John Roberts y Pan Blanco and Okaidja Afroso expose our youth to an incredibly varied array of talent, culture, and creative expression (which) reveal to our students a world of diverse thought and expression beyond their isolated existence.” Mary Stickroth, Gardiner

“Mineral County Performing Arts Council finds the annual conferences instrumental to providing a one-stop approach to programming for the year. The abbreviated artist showcases format allows us a side-by-side comparison of what we can expect for a show. Combined with face-to-face discussions with artists, this deep-dive into the talent pool ensures that we are bringing performances to our community that will work well, usually with an outreach component integrated into the visit. Were it not for the coordination with other presenters, we would not be able to bring such high quality performers to our small community. The block booking of artists keeps down costs for both presenters and artists.” Jim Goss, Mineral County

“RE: L’esprite Creole school program: ‘Oh, it was so much fun! Thank you! The students were attentive and happy to participate. Very enlivening and enlightening.’ I loved that they learned a little French Creole from the artists. They know I speak French so they were using it to impress me–and I was.” Ronan Middle School Teacher

Stan Nicholson, founder of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, wrote “Alpine Artisans have been extraordinarily successful at building a strong sense of community in the Seeley Lake area with the 2VS performing arts series. They also win strong support in the schools by reaching out to the teachers and school administrators and supplementing the abbreviated arts curriculum with top quality, even internationally famous performers who are fabulous with the kids in the schools.” Jenny Rohrer, Seeley Lake

“The most striking impact of MPAC for us is the unending stream of people who attend an event and ask ‘Where did you find such talent? How can you bring such a diversity of performers to our very rural area?’ and ‘I cannot believe we have this level of performers come to Sanders County!’-‘Our youth would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn from professional performers!’ Virtually all of our performers are from the MPAC Showcase…we wish we could bring all of them!” Karen M. Thorson, Sanders County

“Northeastern Arts Network values services MPAC provides through grants, professional advice, and workshops which enable us to host our winter performing arts series. For instance, NAN has a unique collaboration in Sidney with our schools and the MonDak Heritage Center. NAN coordinates with performing artists to conduct three school assemblies during their 2-day tour here. These assemblies are highly valued by our schools because our artists demonstrate music that is unique and inspiring to students. NAN joins forces with our local museum to further expose our town to an additional concert and “meet and greet the artist” in MonDak’s intimate space. Without MPAC our Performing Arts Series cultural events would not be possible in our community.” Jill Hill, Sidney