About MPAC

What is MPAC?
Montana Performing Arts Consortium (MPAC) is a non-profit coalition of Montana and regional performing arts presenting organizations and artists. Founded in 1981, MPAC’s mission is to: 1.) promote booking of quality artists, 2.) increase skills in presenting and touring, and 3.) reduce expenses for artists and presenters through block-booking.


What is the Showcase & Conference?
The showcase and conference are the result of a cooperative effort between member presenters and performing artists. Each year representatives of approximately eighteen presenting organizations in Montana and Idaho, plus a like number of artists and management companies gather as a cost-effective  way for marketing, booking, and continuing education.


Who attends the conference?

  • Rural and urban presenters
  • Performing artists, managers, promotional staff
  • Community concert representatives
  • Representatives of state and regional arts councils
  • School administrators Summer fair and festival representatives

Conference features:

  • WESTAF Tour West grant workshop and individual consultations with WESTAF staff; individual sign-ups available at check-in.
  • Sample works of 17 Canadian, national, regional, and Montana artists in the juried showcase.
  • Additional artists with video or audio samples of their work in the Resource Room.
  • “Turn the Tables Resource Room” Friday afternoon. Presenters must have at least one person representing their organization in a booth to meet artists and answer questions.
  • Artist jam session on Saturday evening.
  • Block-booking meetings for presenters.
  • Travel stipends for rural Montana presenters, one per organization. (For those from out-of-state, please check with your state arts agency for possible travel assistance.)

For accessibility questions, or requests, please contact Executive Director here